Personal Statement for Director of Student Health and Wellness

I am Savitha Sridharan, a MBA Candidate of Class 2014 at Babson College with a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Architecture and 10 years of work experience. All through my years of education and work life, I have been committed to exercise and physical activity and it has really helped me with my academic and professional goals. 

In the last decade, I have been very active with running (completed several ultra-marathons including a 50 miler (click to watch the video), a few 50ks and smaller tri events). Here is a link to my blog to learn more about me. Through running, I have actually found my passion and purpose for life. What started as training for marathon to raise funds for a few kids in South India has helped me change lives of more than 600 organic farmers in South India and start schools in rural India, which are now fully functioning, for 400 children. Moving forward, I am looking at a career as a social entrepreneur to bring solar lights and solutions to rural communities in developing countries, reduce child abuse and promote women entrepreneurs.

I am sure there are many students like myself who are pursuing their MBA to connect their passion in dance, physical activity, food and wellness, and so on with their purpose in life. I would like to make this easier to achieve by connecting different clubs on campus and making the whole MBA experience more fun and memorable.

A student’s university experience and academic success is intimately associated with his or her overall health and wellness.  Here at Babson, we have a number (tons) of clubs that are active in different sections listed below, some partially funded, which encourages healthy behaviors and choices.

But MBA students find it so hard to be active considering the time constrains of their busy MBA schedule.   As Director of Student Health and Wellness, I would like to promote an active Coordinated Student Health and Wellness program to make activities more accessible to all MBA students by doing the following:
  •      Monthly get-together at Needham/Wellesley in Olin (on Wednesdays).
  •      Representatives from all the clubs listed above will be invited to attend.
  •      Coordination and clear communication of scheduled events between different groups.
  •     Events during late evenings, weekends and times convenient for all students to attend.

Work-in-progress already (Open for Women and Men)

I am already working with The Center for Women’s Leadership (CWEL) and other teams at Babson on the following to be in place by Jan 2013:

a)      Active Running club ( in collaboration with CWEL and Lululemon)
b)      Yoga for Cross-training
c)       Dance for Fitness : Workshop in Jan 2013 by Shamoyita Mukherjee
d)      Outdoor activities like hiking, kite surfs etc.
e)      Number of group athletic activities like 5ks, tough mudders, etc

I would be honored to serve as your Director of Student Health and Wellness and help Babson students improve their health and their quality of life.